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Published on Oct 11, 2021

Hello Gitfox 2.0!

The Gitfox 2.0 Beta is finally here!

This is a major update with a focus on workflow improvements. Most navigation and git actions can now be accomplished by just using the keyboard and the UI has been completely overhauled to match the new look of macOS 11.

Gitfox 2.0

In an effort to make better use of screen space, the main view no longer hosts the changes view which has been moved to a dedicated fullscreen view. You can switch to the changes view by clicking the Inspect Changes toolbar button or pressing Q. This works for any selection like commits, multiple commits and worktree changes.

All views and subviews now can also be navigated entirely by keyboard, so pressing LEFT or RIGHT arrow will jump to the next column or view.

The long requested file tree view is now also available by switching to “Tree” view on the top right.

Status View

The worktree status is now displayed on top of the commit log, reducing the space required by the repository view.

Files are now displayed in a convenient group view that shows files grouped by their folders, which makes identifying files easier without reading the whole path. The old list view is still available via the view menu up top.

Commit Editor

You can commit and amend from anywhere by bringing up the corresponding editor with C or A. This way you always get a large editor with enough room to properly format your commit messages without having to drag around columns if the space gets too small.

Changes View

The changes view has been completely redesigned. You can toggle the changes view for your currently selected content by pressing Q.

The new fullscreen layout gives you much more room to inspect your code. Fonts are now completely customizable and Gitfox 2.0 bundles some great open source code fonts like Fira Code.

Blame View

Alongside the new tree view, there is also a completely new blame view!

There are many more changes, like the new search predicate editor, multi-commit compare and a completely new image diff view with a split option, so it is best to give 2.0 a spin yourself!

After much deliberation, Gitfox 2.0 will also require macOS 11. We realize this may be an issue for some users, but in the end the UI changes of macOS 11 were too drastic to find a good common denominator and not having to implement 2 versions of the UI. If you are on macOS 10.15 or lower, you can of course still use version 1 until you are ready to upgrade.

Gitfox 2.0 is available right now on the Beta update channel. If you have the retail version of Gitfox (the one you can download from this site), you can switch to the beta channel in your update preferences.

Blame View