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Change your Mergetool


We offer preconfigured integration for the following mergetools

  • Kaleidoscope
  • Araxis Merge
  • P4Merge
  • FileMerge

To use one of the listed tools, just select them under Preferences → Integration


Custom Integration

If you select Automatic in your preferences, Gitfox will emulate git-difftool and git-mergetool respectively and invoke the command you specified in your .gitconfig.

For instance, if you wanted to configure Kaleidoscope without our integration, it would look like this:

[mergetool "Kaleidoscope"]
cmd = ksdiff --merge --output \"$MERGED\" --base \"$BASE\" -- \"$LOCAL\" --snapshot \"$REMOTE\" --snapshot
trustexitcode = true
[difftool "Kaleidoscope"]
cmd = ksdiff --partial-changeset --relative-path \"$MERGED\" -- \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
tool = Kaleidoscope
tool = Kaleidoscope

Usually you don’t have to do this yourself, since some tools provide git integration themselves.

For more information on how to specify your git.mergetool.cmd and other parameters, have a look at

and the homepage of your Mergetool Vendor.