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Here you can find a list of features that will soon come to Gitfox. The order of these might change slightly as we go along. If you are missing a feature, or would like us to move one up the queue, just let us know!

1. Integrated Mergetool

We are working on a fully integrated mergetool, so you don’t have to depend on external tools at all.

2. Undo

Undo CMD+Z support for most Git commands.

3. Submodules

Full support for managing Submodules.

4. Interactive Rebase

Rebase your branch interactively within Gitfox.

5. Blame

Blame files in a dedicated Blame view.

6. LFS Support

Integrated Git Large File Storage support.

7. Service Integration

Integration with Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab.

Did not find what you are looking for? Email us - we are always here to help!